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Top 10 Most-Searched Filipina Female Celebrities on Yahoo
Can we really talk about beauty without mentioning the Philippines in it? We don't think so. Internationally, the Philippines is widely known as a beauty pageant and powerful singer powerhouse, having won several titles in major international pageants and singing contests. 

In this article, we will show you a list of the 10 most-searched female celebrities in the Philippines according to Yahoo Reviews 2021! We are sure these Filipinas have stolen the hearts of many fans and international audiences worldwide. Aren't you curious to find out who these talented Filipinas are?
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Squid Game Clue Details That Might Reveal The Season 2 Storyline
Squid game, the Korean survival drama involving deadly children's games, has captivated the audiences' eyes in 90 countries and became one of Netflix's most-watched shows ever overnight. The reason, the audiences were so fascinated by the movie's dystopia deadly concept involving the children's games and they have been waiting for the next chapter to come!

[Spoiler Alert] If you have finished watching the Squid Game, you must notice how the first season ended. Let us recall your mind. Gi-hun, the main character, was processing the trauma of what the game has done to himself. In the process of healing, he decides to visit his daughter who lives in LA with her step-father. Eventually, he cancels his flight at the last minute when he discovers the game is still ongoing.

The cliffhanger ending by the writer created uncertainty amongst fans on whether or not the squid game will continue. Despite the uncertainties of Season 2, down here we have collected several clues to fuel up the speculation on how the Squid Game Season 2 storylines could be.
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The 'Vegan Youtuber' is now extreme junk food-eater, look how much he has changed
Nicholas Perry, known as Nikocado Avocado in the YouTube community, is one of the most famous Youtube Mukbanger with over 3 million YouTube subscribers. He has stolen the spotlight on Youtube since 2017 as the extreme-eating vlogger.

Do you know Perry was previously a vegan vlogger before he decided to become an extreme-eating vlogger?

Read on for a glimpse into Nikocado Avocado's roller-coaster YouTube career, starting from vegan lifestyle guru to food junk eater.
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7 Popular Myths and Legends Around The World
Generally, every country and region has urban legends that have been believed by its people from generation to generation. Even though the myth is considered as impossible, yet many people still believe it. That is why we dive into the details of some of what we think are fascinating myths and legends in the world. We have been listed the 7 popular myths and legends from around the world just for you! Take a look!
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7 Shocking Facts about North Korea
The world has become interested in North Korea these days. However, no one seems to know what is really happening inside the country. However, often we only hear about their propaganda in the media and in the news. However, we've put together 7 interesting facts about North Korea. Let's check them out!
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The Creepiest Theme Parks in The World Only for The Bravest
There is one thing that makes theme parks a quintessential part of the summer holiday. They have stands that are stocked with cold ice cream, and other seasonal foods we love to eat. More importantly, they have these various attractions that can make your adrenaline rush kick in.

This is why the theme park is known as the happy place to visit during the summer. But, not with these theme parks, we have listed below.

Click the next button below to find out what are the creepiest theme parks in the world and what makes them the creepiest. The reasons will definitely send a chill down your spine!
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7 Places You Must Visit in Sydney
Are you currently preparing for your trip to Sydney? Well, Sydney is one of the cities that is visited by many foreign tourists. There are many unique icons available in Sydney, like the white-roofed Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. For those of you who are planning your trip to Sydney, we can help you prepare your itinerary by recommending places you must visit in Sydney. What are those? Let's check it out!