Yoga with Animals That Will Leave You Say Aww

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Photo Credit: Pasha Chusovitin/Unsplash
In case if you haven't been updated on the yoga world lately, there is a new yoga trend called [insert any animal names here] yoga. Cat yoga, goat yoga, dog yoga..Any animal you can think of, those animals can be incorporated into this yoga.

Based on Mayo Clinic, yoga itself can help improve your flexibility, muscle tone and also nurturing your mindfulness. But how about yoga with animals? Not only does yoga with animals look cute, but this yoga can also help cure depression and increase your personal mood.

Down below, we have curated several animals that are usually incorporated in yoga that will make you aw and want to join in.

Yoga with The Man's Bestfriend

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Photo Credit: Johnathan Macedo/Unsplash
The dog always and has been known as a human best friend for a long time. It's not really a surprise to see dogs being incorporated with yoga since we are sure one can really resist this cute animal. Those who love dogs will find yoga with dogs are like heaven on earth.

During yoga, these furry animals are usually trained to do friendly interactions with the human participants. The human-animal bond between these two different participants can be beneficial for our mental and emotional health. Participating in dog yoga classes can lead to various health benefits such as decreasing the feeling of loneliness, decreasing blood pressure, and increasing the ability of social interaction skills.

Baby Goat Can Be Your Source of Laughing Therapy

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Photo Credit: Goat yoga at mad lavender farm by Will Richardson
Baby goat or usually called kid is the new animal that has recently been incorporated in this 'yoga with the animal' trend. Goat yoga has been famous since 2016 and was first introduced by Laine Morse, a photographer from Oregon, United States of Amerika. Some people might find this yoga is bizarre and start to ask why it has to be kids aka goat babies?

The reason is still a mystery, but have you seen a baby goat in real life? Baby goats are these happy little furry animals that usually jump and walk around people. Choosing this specific animal to accompany your yoga is an excellent choice since goats can also be your source of laughing therapy.

Bunny Yoga Can Help to Release Stress

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Photo Credit: Marina Abrosimova/Unsplash
Besides dogs and goats, bunnies are usually incorporated in the yoga with the animals' program. This fluffy and furry animal loves to be stroked and cuddled, making them the best animal to help you release your stress. This bunny yoga is always family and child-friendly as long as the kids are being watched on properly handling the bunny.

So, how might this small cute creature help your yoga journey be more exciting and relaxed?

Bunny usually hates being picked up since they are afraid of height. However, bunnies enjoy observing their surroundings while chilling. Sometimes, the bunny will naturally interact with any yoga practitioners, like sitting on their laps or just simply sitting there to watch them struggling with the yoga pose.

Yoga with Kittens Can Help to Cure Depression

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Photo Credit: Pasha Cushovitin/Unsplash
In addition to dog, goat, and bunny, there is another furry animal that can help to stimulate your endorphins level while doing yoga. Although cats are known for not-so-friendly animals, but if they are used to human interactions, cats can be that little furry ball of joy that can make your days feel better. So how can cats fit into this yoga practice?

Cats are naturally curious animals. It won't take long for the cats to start coming at you once you unroll the yoga mat. Even though cats might distract you from your yoga practice by stroking their heads against your legs continuously, this affectionate action can help you cultivate a level of mindfulness and help to heal your depression.

Bees Buzz Can Help You Stay Relaxed

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Photo Credit: Kym MacKinnon/Unsplash
Unlike the other animals, bees are not physically incorporated in yoga. So how does yoga with bees work? You don't need to interact with the bees. You just need to accept their presence while doing yoga. Some yoga practitioners believe the sound of bees' gentle buzz, watching the bees floating around the hive can help anyone stay relaxed. These practitioners also believe an area inhibited by bees smells nice because of the honey they just collected.

Some people wouldn't even consider joining this yoga because of the fear of getting stung. But in fact, bees only will sting you when they feel threatened, meaning as long as you don't disturb the hive and the queen, you would be pretty much safe.

So which one would you like to join?
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