Hilarious Online Shopping Fails That Will Make You Chuckle

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Photo: Justjakeclub/Tiktok
When was the last time you shopped online and said, hmm, this is not what I expected? Turned out you are not the only one who has experienced shopping online fails.

Shopping online has become so popular throughout the years due to its convenience. Where else can you comfortably shop at midnight on your bed? Like this guy above, one day he was scrolling through his phone and found this cute baby Yoda doll. Then, he clicked order. But, who would have thought he just ordered a long-necked baby Yoda instead of the normal-looking one?

Not just this sad-looking long-neck baby Yoda, click next to see a list of hilarious online items people bought online.

Goat Yoga Went Wrong

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Photo: Accordintudes/Tiktok
If this is the first time you have read about goat yoga, don't worry most people would say the same Surprisingly, goat yoga has been famous since 2016. The idea of this goat yoga is pretty simple: you are doing the yoga while the goats interact with you. The interaction can include goats climbing on top of your back while you are doing various yoga poses. Sounds fun right? Because it is. it feels like exactly bringing your kid to the yoga class but minus the whimpering part.

Turned out a girl named Desiree found goat yoga as a great idea to lighten up her weekend. She saw the ads online and booked them with her friend. However, instead of a light massage from the baby goats, they were surprised to find out the goats were all grown up and heavy.

Imagine, spending money just to get stomped by a large size goat.

Typical Scam

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Photo: Veronnica/Tiktok
I'm sure we all know people who are suckers for shoes, especially sneakers. Veronica is one of them. When she was scrolling through her phone she stumbled upon a pair of Nike air 1 low in white for $89, "what a great deal" she thought.

Although she has double-checked to get her perfect size before ordering, Veronica still received a pair of sneakers made for kids. Plus, it wasn't Nike either. So, no matter how many times she measured to get her perfect size, she would still get the wrong size because it was all scam.

So, what do we learn from Veronica's story? Make sure to check and re-check the customer's review column before deciding to purchase anything from the internet.

Short People Problem

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Photo: Angel Johsnnes/Tiktok
Besides legging , there is nothing as comfy as wearing a colorful rainbow jogger to sleep with, but make sure you are ordering the correct size to make it feels comfortable.

We can't really blame Angel for falling into this jogger. In the picture, the rainbow-colored jogger looks fantastic on the model's legs, making us think it would look good too on ours. But sometimes, we need to do a reality check that not everyone has the same legs as Kendal Jenner .

Another lesson learned for all the ladies out there, make sure you have a clothing measuring tape on hand while shopping online to make sure you are getting the right size.

Cosplay Doesn't Turn Right

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Photo: Carolyn Hess/Unsplash
Everyone loves a good cosplay costume. When we were kids, we were amazed at how our favorite characters on our favorite books and television shows came alive. But, cosplaying is not as easy as it seems. It needs intricate design and really fantastic attention to detail to really embody the characters. Of course, it also requires extra money to achieve the amazing cosplay look, and Carolynn seems to forget that one.

Rather than having her cosplay costume customized, she ordered it online, and we all know it wouldn't end well. Our guess turned outright, and it didn't look flattering at all.

Inflatable Yoga Pants

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Photo: CourtneyDFIT/Tiktok
It's been obvious clear that this girl has been working out for a while. We mean, look at the abs! While she has been working hard to achieve that beautiful look, finding the right yoga pants is the right way to show off her hard work. Therefore, she purchased yoga pants online, hoping that they would nicely complement what she has been working hard for.

But we are pretty sure these cheap-looking yoga pants don't do anything to compliment her amazing shape, and she knows that. Instead, these inflatable yoga pants make her look extremely funny.

Of course, Courtney is not the only person to be disappointed by online orders, we have a bunch of online shopping fails by girls in the next pages. Just click through to find out.

Uhm It doesn't look cute at all

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Photo Credit: Tiktok
At first glance, we might have thought this cute Winnie the pooh mask would be a great mask choice for a sleep-over party with our friends. Sometimes, however, what the producers promising on the packaging is not what the customer is expecting. Turns out, this Winnie the pooh mask is far from the word cute. As opposed to looking cute like Winnie the pooh, the girl looks scary when she wears this yellow mask.

The smiley line also doesn't help at all as it adds a sinister vibe to the mask. Not only that, the unsubtle eyes seem like staring right into our souls. Just imagine what would have happened if our friends had found us sleeping with this mask next to them during a sleep-over.

Unlike Kardashian

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Photo: Oliviamcveigh/Tiktok
On the model, this silky dress looks absolutely stunning. This soft-silky violet dress looks gorgeous and sophisticated, especially when worn for a night out. The low deep v cut on the dress will help balance any body type, especially for petite and athletic girls. Moreover, a low deep v cut always helps to catch any eyes that stare at it. But, every fashionable and sophisticated dress always has a price, and it's not the cheap one.

Instead of looking expensive and sophisticated like the Kardashian ., Olivia looks like a sophomore girl that just has a rough night and is wrapped in a bedsheet. The cheap-looking satin dress is not what Olivia expected to get.

This is also another reason why online shopping is not meant for any luxurious fashion shopping.

Deflated Ball

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Photo: itsmelissajayn/Tiktok
We all know since the pandemic in 2020, working out from home has become the new trend of workouts. During a pandemic, everyone seems to be rushing to collect all the gym equipment so they can achieve those amazing body goals. Melissa also has the same goals. She started to buy home gym equipment such as a yoga ball to help her work out. What she expected to be a regular size yoga ball turned out was a small dog ball.

However, it didn't stop there. The ball has already deflated as well. Imagine waiting and spending money on things that turn out to be trash once you open the package.

Hmm This is not what I expected

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Photo: Freyafb/ Tiktok
Skinny leather dresses are a fashion choice only for the brave one. But, it's kind of tricky to buy the right leather dress that works for your body shape. If you purchased one that is too small, the dress would be really uncomfortable to wear. But if it is too big, the dresses won't contour your body shape. So, buying leather clothing online is definitely challenging and tricky.

In this case, Freya just purchased a dress that is too large for her since it doesn't fit her bust and hips well. After seeing a flat smile on her face, we all know she is done with online shopping. So, are you more into the offline shopping or the online one?
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