Let's Visit Twilight Movie Set Locations!

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Those of you are big fans of the Twilight movie series, which tells about a beautiful teenager named Bella, who falls in love with Edward's handsome vampire but is blocked by her close friend, a werewolf named Jacob. You can visit the iconic movie set in real life; you can visit several places in the Forks City area, the city where the Cullen family and the Quileute Tribe wolves live. However, for the sake of several scenes, the producers did not only took Forks City as the movie set but also several locations nearby.

Forks City

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The Forks City was home to the Cullen vampire clan and the Quileute Tribe wolves in the Twilight movie. Despite being part of a fictional story in the Twilight movie, the city is real.

Although it is a small town and a bit secluded, Forks offers beautiful views and is surrounded by dense, green forest, where it is always covered in thick fog. For many years, Forks was known as a wood-producing area and the 'rain city' because of its high rainfall. The city is quite famous for fishing salmon and rainbow trout. Yet with all that activity, this place or ​​Washington area now seems better known as the city of 'Twilight.'

Forks high school

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Forks High School is a comprehensive Washington public high school on South Spartan Avenue in Forks. It is the only high school in the district and is the successor to Forks Middle School. Many of the Cullens pretend to be of age to attend high school during the Twilight Movie in this school.

This school was also one of the Twilight movie shooting locations, where Bella and Edward spent their junior and senior years. There was also an iconic scene in the school parking lot where Edward saves Bella from a bus accident. If you want to visit Bella's and Edward's school, the address is 261 Spartan Ave, Forks, WA 98331, United States.

The swan house

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You can treat your homesickness for the Twilight movie by staying at Bella Swan's house in an accommodation booking service on Airbnb. On Airbnb, it is called "Twilight Swan House," located at 184 S, Street 6. Saint Helens, Orlando, West Pacific, and the house is surrounded by a luscious green atmosphere.

Although the house is not located in Forks, Washington, as described in the Twilight Saga where Bella moved to live with her father Charlie, it still features all the details seen in the film. There is an iconic green kitchen cabinet, Bella's purple sheets, and Charlie's dining table in this house. The house also has 5 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and can accommodate 10 guests, which is great to bring your Twilight fellows here.

Silver falls state park

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Silver falls state park was where the prologue shoots when Jacob tells Bella about The Cullens & Quileute Tribe or when The Cullens are hunting a deer. Most of the iconic scenes in the Twilight movie were shot in this park. Such as the scene where Edward carries Bella on his back and hops tree-to-tree like "spider monkey" when he comes up to Bella to tell that he is a vampire.

The park is located at 20024 Silver Falls Highway SE, Sublimity, Oregon. If you get the chance to visit Portland, you must visit this park, and if you want to feel the "Twilight" scene, you may want to visit in the fall through springtime. However, the park looks more beautiful on a sunny summer day.

La push beach

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La Push Beach was one of the Twilight movie sets and where Jacob Black and his extended Quileute family lived. In fact, in the real world, La Push Beach is indeed the place where the original Quileute tribe live, yet they aren't werewolves like described in the Twilight movie. On this beach, Jacob tells Bella about the legend of The Cold One & Quileute Tribe and also it used by Mike, Jessica, and their friends to surf.

La push beach is located in Ecola State Park, 2 miles north of Cannon Beach, Oregon. If you cross the Forks and La Push borders, you can find a simple wooden plaque that reads "Treaty Line, No Vampires Beyond This Point," marking the border area of ​​the vampire and werewolf rule mentioned in the film Twilight.

The Cullen house's

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As discussed on the previous page before, Vancouver was the shooting location of the Twilight main characters' residence, such as Bella, Jacob, and Edward. The Cullen home is located at 333 NW, Quimby Street, Portland. The house was used as the Cullen family's residence is the Nike shoe design director's home. The house was built in 2006 and completed in 2007, and was immediately used as a set for the Twilight movie.

One of the house's iconic features is the walls, which are made of glass and direct the view of the natural surroundings. The Twilight movie was told that the Cullens deliberately chose the house as their place to live since they feel safe from being exposed to the sun, where their skin will sparkle like a crystal without anyone witnessing it.

Carver Cafe

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Carver Cafe in the Twilight movie was formerly a restaurant called Lodge located in Forks, where Bella & Charlie (Bella's father) used to eat there often. This restaurant has been operating since the 50s, which was built by a couple who live behind it. The husband died due to an airplane crash, and then the wife continued the business. Many locals say this cafe was previously a donut shop. To visit this cafe, you can go to 16471 SE Highway 224, Damascus, Oregon.

On the other hand, it is reported that this Carver Cafe will be permanently closed due to the impact of Covid-19, where the cafe cannot operate as usual and experiences a lot of difficulties. But the Twilight fans have flocked to raise online funds to make the cafe survive and can still be visited by Twilight fans in the future.
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