Top 10 Most-Searched Filipina Female Celebrities on Yahoo

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Can we really talk about beauty without mentioning the Philippines in it? We don't think so. Internationally, the Philippines is widely known as a beauty pageant and powerful singer powerhouse, having won several titles in major international pageants and singing contests. 

In this article, we will show you a list of the 10 most-searched female celebrities in the Philippines according to Yahoo Reviews 2021! We are sure these Filipinas have stolen the hearts of many fans and international audiences worldwide. Aren't you curious to find out who these talented Filipinas are?

#10 Kathryn Bernardo

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Surprisingly, even though Kathryn Bernardo has a big name in the Philippine entertainment industry, the young Kathrina Bernado was only dreaming of doing stuff behind the camera. But now the reality says otherwise. She started her career in the acting industry by appearing in the Philippine TV production "It Might Be You" in 2003. However, her first public breakthrough came in 2010 when she starred as Mara in the popular TV drama series "Mara Clara." Since then, she has started in various TV series including the new one which will be released this year "2 Good 2 Be True".

In 2021, Kathryn and her long romantic affair with Daniel Padilla found themselves in the middle of controversy when their fans "KathnNiel" threatened to boycott Daniel Padilla's mother, Karla Estrada, after finding out she had voted to reject ABS-CBN Franchise renewal.

#9 Ara Mina

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In June 2021, Ara Mina became viral after her fairy tale wedding theme with her husband, Dave Almarinez, CEO of the Philippines International Trading Corporation, was swirling around Instagram. But, being viral was not new for Ara. Ara has been known to the Filipino public for decades, having made her first public appearance when she was only 14 years old. Since then, Ara has become involved in 40 television shows, 60 movies, and 3 recording albums.

Aside from her acting and singing career, she is also involved in some philanthropic projects and has founded the Ara Mina Foundation, which is focusing on helping children with birth defects. The inspiration for this foundation came from her younger sibling, who was born with Down syndrome.

#8 Bella Poarch

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If you have been swirling around TikTok for a while, you must have heard of or at least be familiar with Bela Poarch. TikTok star turned music sensation Bela Poarch has raised to fame after uploading "M to the B" by Millie B lip-syncing. However, Bela used this sudden popularity to launch her music career. Now, she has released two songs as a solo artist, titled "Build a Bitch" and "Inferno."

Despite the traumatic events she suffered in the Philippines, Bela Poarch still considered the country to be her home and has been vocally outspoken of being a proud Filipino representation in the international media. 

#7 Julia Barretto

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Julia Francesca Barreto Baldivia, also known by her screen name Jua Barretto, is no stranger to the gleaming lights of the Philippine entertainment industry. She was born to actors Dennis Padilla and Marjorie Barretto and is also a member of the Barretto clan, which is known for its prominent presence in the country's entertainment industry. 

At only nine years old, Julia has been active in the national entertainment industry. Throughout her career, she has been the center of several controversies, such as being the reason behind Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo's break up and also being involved in publicized feuds with her maternal family, the Barretto. 

#6 Sarah Geronimo

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Photo: justsarahgph/Instagram
Sarah Geronimo started her rise to fame in 2002 after winning a television singing contest, Star for a Night. As a young talent, her unique and powerful voice has landed her a major record label deal with Viva Record. For years, her hard work and contributions to the music industry have made her one of the most famous figures in the Philippines's pop culture from the 2000s to 2010.

Amazingly, Sarah Geronimo has paved her way into international recognition after winning the Best Selling Philippine Artist Award at the 2014 World Music Awards held in Monaco. 

Aside from her music career, Sarah also has a fantastic talent for acting. In 2016, she was announced as one of the nominees for the Best Asian Performer award, which was held in Tokyo, Japan. Sarah, as an artist and singer who has been busy achieving various excellent works in the entertainment industry, makes it a point to give back to the community. In her personal life, she has also been busy attending to various philanthropic projects for children and cancer patients. 

#5 Angel Locsin

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Angel Locsin is not a new name in the Philippine entertainment industry. The 43-year old model has been in the national show business for almost two decades. Her journey into the showbiz world started through her modeling career on several magazine covers.

From such a young age, she has worked with many popular magazines, such as Mega Magazine, Cosmopolitan Philippines, Gadget Magazine, and many more. She has a secret passion for farming and has also been involved in various philanthropic activities. Through her social media presence, she has been vocal about raising awareness about gender inequality and has also joined in various counseling groups to stop violence against women and children. 

Angel is known as one of the world-famous models from the Philippines and has an estimated net worth of $ 7 million. Her biggest income comes from working professionally as an actress and model.

#4 Rabiya Mateo

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Rabiya Mateo is a Filipina model, actress, and beauty pageant winner who was crowned as Miss Universe Philippines 2020. During her childhood, Rabiya grew up in poverty, but it didn't stop her from dreaming big. After graduating from the Physical Therapy Program at the Iloilo Doctor's College with a cum laude title, she continued her career working as a lecturer at a review center in Manila. 

When she was 23, she joined Miss Universe Philippines 2020 and represented the Philippines at the Miss Universe 2020 pageant. In the following year, Mateo broadened her career by signing a contract with GMA Network and starting her acting debut journey alongside Kim Rodriguez and Jeric Gonzales.

#3 Catriona Gray

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Photo: catriona_gray/Instagram
Catriona Gray is a Filipa-Australia model-singer-beauty queen-TV host and, most importantly, she is best known as the crowned Miss Universe 2018. Catriona Gray's foray into the beauty world started in early 1999 when she won the title of Little Miss Philippines in Sydney at only the age of 5 years old. 

After graduating from high school, she moved to Manila in 2002 and started her career as a commercial model. Aside from her beautiful appearance, Catriona also has several interesting talents that can't stop the fans from admiring her. She is a master of black belt in Choi Kwang-Dp martial arts and also a singer and songwriter with her lo-fi and R&B style called "Love Language."

#2 Ivana Alawi

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Photo: ivanaalawi/Instagram
Ivana Alawi is a Filipina-Moroccan actress-model, and YouTuber who was born to a Filipina mom, Fatima Marbella, and a Moroccan father, Samier Al-Alawi. She started her presence in the entertainment industry in 2015 with her acting debut in StarStruck. Later on, she started to appear in several TV drama series, such as Magpakal Lanman in 2016.

Ivana Alawi also has a strong social media presence and actively poses for several commercials and magazines. In addition to Instagram, she has a large presence on Youtube. In 2018, she started a Youtube channel, which now has already grown to more than six million subscribers. Her most viewed video, titled "A Day in My Life," now has almost 20 million views alone. 

#1 Bea Alonzo

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After working for 20 years in showbiz, Bea Alonzo topped this year's list of most searched female celebrities in the Philippines.

The British-Filipino actress started her acting career in 2002 when she was just 14 years old. She first gained national recognition after her performance in the teleseries "Kay Tagal Kang Hinitay" in 2002. Once she had her big breakthrogh in the TV industry, she never looked back and kept paving her way to becoming an international sensation. In September, she will play the female lead character portraying the "she-devil" nurse in the upcoming Filipino-Hollywood movie "Angel Warrior."
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