Squid Game Clue Details That Might Reveal The Season 2 Storyline

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Squid game, the Korean survival drama involving deadly children's games, has captivated the audiences' eyes in 90 countries and became one of Netflix's most-watched shows ever overnight. The reason, the audiences were so fascinated by the movie's dystopia deadly concept involving the children's games and they have been waiting for the next chapter to come!

[Spoiler Alert] If you have finished watching the Squid Game, you must notice how the first season ended. Let us recall your mind. Gi-hun, the main character, was processing the trauma of what the game has done to himself. In the process of healing, he decides to visit his daughter who lives in LA with her step-father. Eventually, he cancels his flight at the last minute when he discovers the game is still ongoing.

The cliffhanger ending by the writer created uncertainty amongst fans on whether or not the squid game will continue. Despite the uncertainties of Season 2, down here we have collected several clues to fuel up the speculation on how the Squid Game Season 2 storylines could be.

Is There Really a Second Season for the Squid Game?

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The worldwide excitement and enthusiasm toward Squid Game making Hwang, the Squid Game creator, is being bombarded with millions of questions about when is the Squid Game chapter two will be released.

"I almost feel like you leave us with no choice," Hwang told the Associated Press (AP) about whether a second season is due.

The obsessed fans' enormous demand and expectation have compelled Hwan to reveal more about the Squid Game Season 2's progress and preparation. But for now, Hwan claimed the preparation is still in the preliminary stages. "It's in my head right now," added Hwang to the AP journalist.

"I'm in the planning process currently, so I think it's too early to say when and how this Season 2 is going to happen. So I will promise you this, Gi-Hun will be back to do something for the world," he added.

Did you hear that right? The creator has confirmed the popular Squid Game will return for the second season. So, woohoo for us!

The Young Police Officer and His Brother

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In episode 2, fans are introduced to the heroic police, Hwang Jun-ho, who is searching for his lost older brother. Fans are so delighted with the appearance of this fearless, young, good-looking police officer who is trying to investigate the disappearance of his older sibling. Through this character, viewers are able to get into closure details on the game.

Based on the movie, Hwang is sneaking into the game and successfully reveals more secrets, including the underground organ harvesting ring done by some guards. Hwang's heroic character act makes it easy for him to win over the audiences' hearts.

After long and exhausting nerve-wracking moments, this character ends up getting shot by the Front Man, who turns out to be In-ho himself. Viewers and fans have mixed feelings about how things end for him, especially after learning that Hwang has been shot on the shoulder by his own brother.

The writer's decision for not showing Hwang's dead body left an impression on fans' minds thinking that Hwang is not actually dead and might return in season 2.

Responding to the fans' curiosity, Hwang, the creator of Squid Game, gave us a few hints in an interview with the AP journalist. "There are some other stories in the series that have not been addressed-for example, the story of the police officer and his brother the Front Man. So, if I end up creating season two, I would like to explore that storyline," he told the AP journalist.

In addition to this information, in an interview with the Sunday Times, he revealed In-ho was an ex-cop, so there might be a possibility that Season 2 would focus more on the policy concerns and issues in South Korea.

The Background Story of the Recruiter

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Do you remember a scene where an attractive young recruiter approached Gin Hu at the station to play ddakji? It's also the same guy that made Gin-hun decides to turn back from his flight to the U.S and vows to himself to stop the game once and for all. If you still remember this character played by Gong Yoo, surprisingly, Hwang mentioned this character along with the heroic police as storylines that had not been covered fully in Season 1 and might be featured in Season 2.

The first interaction between Gi-hun and the young recruiter happened at the station when Gi-hun was a broke gambler and absent father. The young recruiter approaches the poor and unlucky man Gi hun and offers him to play ddjakji for money, but with some unusual rules. If the man wins, he gets to slap Gi hun; in return, Gi hun will get paid if he wins. Several minutes later, Gi hun finally won the money, despite his face being half battered following the numerous embarrassing moments of slapping from the recruiter. After days of hesitation and nervousness, he finally decides to join the squid game and eventually won the 45.6 billion won.

Though he has won an enormous amount of money, his life doesn't change for the better. He is left with scars and trauma after witnessing numerous deaths from the contestants and ends up giving half of his money away. On his way to catch his flight to the U.S, he saw the recruiter again who was in the process of getting another victim, which made Gi Hun upset and turn back, deciding not to get on the plane at all.

Unfortunately, the recruiter realizes Gi Hun's presence and cracks a smile at Gi Hun through the passing train. The mysterious demeanor of this character left a remarkable impression on the viewers. Viewers seem curious to know more about him; where is he from? What is his motivation? Why is he involved in such a gruesome game?

For most fans, this character deserves more recognition in Season 2 because he was not featured enough in the first season. We are all curious about the background story of this young recruiter.

The Connection Between Gi-hun and The Game's Master Mind

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There are some clues in Squid Game that might reveal that Il-Nam and Gi-hun are somehow may be related. If you don't remember Il-Nam, he is the frail, sick older man who turns out to be the game's mastermind.

The first clue you might probably miss is Gi-hun can't digest milk just like the older man's son. This scene happened in episode 3, where game participants form lines to receive their meals. Despite all the gruesome and traumatic events they had been through, Gi-hun still proceeds to ask the guards for chocolate milk claiming his stomach gets upset easily if he digests regular milk. Unfortunately, the guard doesn't respond to the request and keeps holding out the regular milk to Gi-hun. Gi-hun's action prompts Il-Nam to guess he must have been spanked a lot as a child which Gi-hun responded, "how do you know?" with a surprised face. Il-Nam says his own son was exactly like Gi-hun.

The other clue the viewers shouldn't miss is right before the marble game start. Gi-hun wrapped his jacket around the Il-Nam's waist after discovering Il-Nam had peed himself. In return, Il-Nam gave his own 001 jackets to Gi-hun instead of returning the Gi hun's jacket. Il-Nam added Gi hun needs the jacket to prevent other players from looking down on him. Afterward, he sits at the corner, assuming he would not get selected to play by other players since no one would like to play with a frail, sick man. We suspect that somehow soldiers are being told not to look down on whoever wear jacket number 1.

These unusual clues make fans speculate on the relationship between Il-Nam and Gi-hun, which many believe Gi-hun is Il-Nam's son. Unfortunately, this speculation hasn't been answered yet in season 1. Therefore, there might be a possibility that season 2 will shed more light on the relationship between Gi-hun and Il-nam.

The Revenge From the Police and GI-Hun

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Squad game creator Hwang has confirmed that Gi-hun character will return and take action to end the game. Fans, however, believe that Gi-hun may not stop this game by himself.

In the other story, though the young heroic police has been shot, many fans believe somehow he will survive and return to stop the gruesome game in Season 2. This speculation started since fans realized the camera was not showing Hwang's dead body after getting shot.

Throughout the whole season, both characters have this hatred and rage feeling against anyone who organized and came up with an idea where men put other men in a life-threatening situation just for entertainment. The hatred feeling coming from both characters will likely lead them to reunite and stop the game together.

The Side Story of The Guards

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There are many theories swirling around the guards in the Squid Game because we don't know much anything about them and are still left clueless. Aren't we all wondering how they got recruited? Where do they come from? And why are they wearing these PlayStation-mask symbols during the event? These questions have been swirling around the fan's head unanswered until now. But, so far, we know that these guards are well-trained and not just random men hired on the spot, especially the guards involved in the underground organ harvesting ring.

This assumption is based on their schedules that seem perfectly planned and expected to run flawlessly like clockwork; The doctor harvests the organ from the semi-coma players, the organs are packed in a secure backpack and given to two guards who are skilled divers, then the guards take a series of winding tunnels down under the island into the ocean to meet the waiting boat there. Everything is planned so seamlessly seems like they have been doing these tasks for years. We believe Hwang won't let these questions unanswered and will feature the storyline of the guard's background in Season 2.

Nevertheless which storyline will get featured, we all can't wait for the Squid Game Season 2 to be released.
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