7 World Festivals That You Don't Want To Miss!

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A Festival is a way for people to express, celebrate, and respect traditions. A festival, carnival, or another event is a unique attraction for visitors or tourists to visit the country.
The uniqueness of a festival can be judged by how it is celebrated, the number of people involved in it, the costumes used, and the history of the festival itself. For you who want to enjoy a festival, we've been listed the recommended world festivals that you must-attend on the next pages!

1. Coachella Valley Music & Art Festival

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Coachella Valley Music & Art Festival, better known as Coachella is the largest music festival in the world is held annually in California, to be precise at the Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert. Coachella is one of the largest, most famous, and the best music and art festivals in the United States and worldwide. This festival, which is usually held every April, was first coined by Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen.

Attending Coachella when the whole world chaos is over certainly won't make you regret it. This is because you will not only enjoy performances from world-class musicians, but you can also see art installations and stage performances that are very special.

2. Tomorrowland

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If you are a big fan of EDM or electronic dance music, attending this festival after the pandemic is over is a must. Tomorrowland is an EDM music festival from Belgium and the largest EDM festival in the world. This music festival is located inside De Schorre Park, Boom, Belgium, and has been celebrating its 14th anniversary since 2005.

It always features world-class musicians who specialty in electro music, and it is regularly held every year with the largest audience. Since it was first held in 2005, this music festival has always been crowded with spectators. No wonder if after every announcement, the tickets always sold out in just a few minutes.

3. Oktoberfest, Germany

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The next must-attend festival is Oktoberfest in Germany. This festival was originally a wedding party of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese on October 12, 1810, which invited the entire townspeople to join.

Until now, Oktoberfest has become one of the biggest festivals and has attracted millions of people to come to Bavaria, Germany. The festival is held for 16 consecutive days in October, with the mayor of Munich's opening.

The Oktoberfest is synonymous with serving enormous beer quantities, one distinctive feature: the dark-colored beer called Maß, which is traditionally served in one-liter containers. This fun festival probably is one of the reasons why German is one of the most enjoyable countries to live in 
 to live in.

4. Loi Krathong, Thailand

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Loi Krathong is a festival that is celebrated annually throughout southwest Thai culture, and it is one of the top 10 festivals around the world. In this festival, people gather around a river or lake and release lotus-shaped rafts to honor the goddess of water. The rafts are usually decorated with candles, incense, and flowers.

This festival is to thank the goddess of water after the rice harvest season and an apology for polluting the water. It is celebrated annually in various countries like Thailand, Laos, Shan, Sen, Tanintharyi, Kelantan, Kedah, and Xishuangbanna. This celebration takes place on the night of the full moon in December.

5. La Tomatina, Spanyol

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La Tomatina, or the tomato feast, is a festival that has been a tradition in Spain since 1944. This is one of the world's largest festivals attended by tens of thousands of people from various countries. It is held in Valencia City, Bunol, and the visitors will throw tomatoes at each other and create tomato fights for entertainment purposes.

The tomato fight usually lasts for several hours, and no half-hearted 150 tons of tomatoes are ready to be thrown and will be gone in an hour. The festival is held on August 30 and begins with a crowd of people climbing a slippery pole and picking up the meat on it. After the meat is taken, the tomato battle begins.

6. Holi, India dan Nepal

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Holi is a Hindu festival that heralds the start of spring and celebrates in India and Nepal. This festival has been there for hundreds of years, with evidence found in a poem created in the 4th century. The festival is also inscribed in the 7th century Sanskrit script entitled "Ratnavali," written by the Indian emperor, Harsha.

The festival is known worldwide as the festival of colors. During the festival, people celebrate the victory of good over evil. It features dancing, parties, delicious food, and spraying each other's color powder. The story behind the powdery colors called "Gulal" comes from Krishna's legend. He has dark blue skin and is worried that his idol, Radha, won't accept it, so he dyes his face to match a typical human.

7. Rio Carnival, Brazil

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Rio Carnival is one of the biggest festivals in the world held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This annual festival manages to bring millions of people from all over the world to join the party.

This festival is also one of the oldest festivals that is still ongoing today. Rio Carnival has been recorded since 1723. In the annual event, thousands of people participate in this festival, bringing dances, music, costumes, and many more. The festival looks very impressive and fun where this festival is also a contest that is no less followed by thousands of participants from schools all over Brazil.
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