Top 10 Richest Dropouts Who Didn't Need a College Degree

#10 Rachel Ray

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Rachel Ray
American television audiences have been familiar with Rachel Ray since 2005 as a bubbly TV chef personality. Based on celebritynetworth source, Ray has a net worth of $100 million. But how does she have such huge success with no formal culinary degree?

The secret of her huge success lies in her early experience in the culinary world. As a kid, young Rachel Ray grew up in New York and was surrounded by families that were running various restaurant businesses. At some point, she was working at a gourmet food shop, and that's where she started to develop her signature style-dish "30-minute meals" like the one we know today. 
Ray's huge success is another example of how our college degree doesn't determine our success. Ray has shown us that all it takes to be successful is a strong desire and a lot of hard work.
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Photo: Justjakeclub/Tiktok  
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