Pour Salt To Your Drain Every Night, Here's Why!

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How many of you have experienced facing black standing water in a sink or faucet? Well, we really hope you haven't. Even by imagining it, we bet it has already made you gag even for a little bit.

For some people sometimes a clogged drain problem can cause minor headaches and hassle but do you know a clogged drain can also generate and summon some nasty red crawling bugs aka cockroaches to crawl up just simply to say hi to you at night? Well, sounds like a nightmare, doesn't it?

What if we told you this clogged problem can simply be solved using cooking essentials available in your kitchen? Yup- apparently, salt can quickly help you prevent this problem from happening in the future. So, how does salt can help you avoid this problem? Simple salt can help you break down all greases and emulsified fats that clog your pipes, allowing you to flush them out easier with vinegar and hot water.

Would you like to know how does this small science secret works? Here we have curated 5 reasons why pouring salt down your drain at night is the best way to avoid clogged drains prevent this animal from climbing up from your drain.

1. Salt Can Kill Cockroaches

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Whenever we talk about salt, most of us might think about the salt that we usually find at the supermarket and kitchen. Would it surprise you to learn this kitchen salt can ward off cockroaches from your home? Surprisingly this one is not a myth, the same goes for Epson salt in your bath boom. This type of salt can also work effectively in killing these nasty crawling bugs.

What makes these salts effective against roaches?

The kitchen salt we use almost every day has properties that can suck up moisture from insect bodies. Though it won't kill them immediately, it can help ward off these insects from your home. But, if you are looking for a more powerful way to naturally kill these roaches, then Epson salt is the right option for you. The magnesium sulfate in this salt can mess up their digestive system, which causes them to slowly die. Not only pouring this salt down your drain will prevent it from being clogged up, but it may also keep the roaches away from crawling up.

Next, we will explain to you why it's best to pour salt down your drain before bedtime

2. Why It's Best to Pour Salt Before Bedtime

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Is it necessary to pour salt into my drain at night? What happens if it's not done at night? We believe these questions might have been spinning through your head for a while now.

It's best to pour salt down your drain at night because salt needs time to break down these fats and substances that causing your drain to get clogged. If you face a minor clog in your drain, salt is coarse and abrasive enough to help eat through all the grease and other materials that cause your drain to clog up. But if you need something stronger, simply add some vinegar and baking soda into the drain.

The other reason why you should pour salt down your drain at night is that cockroaches and other insects are primarily active at night, mainly before midnight.

Next, we will tell you why pouring salt down your drain can help prevent roaches to crawl up from your sink!

3. Remove The Cockroaches Favourite Food Source

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Did you know drain is the most enticing entranceway for roaches to get into your house, especially if they are clogged? It's because clumps of greasy foods, oil, and other food substances that accumulate in your drain are the perfect food source for roaches.

Although you may think that having stagnant water due to clogged drains would prevent this animal from crawling into your house, I'm sorry to tell you that it won't stop them. Roaches are great swimmers. The scariest part is roaches are designed to be able to hold their breath for 40 minutes which enables them to survive in your drain for such a prolonged period of time.

We would recommend regular drain checking, using a proper water trap, and most importantly, pouring a mix of salt, vinegar, baking soda with hot water to prevent this animal from climbing up.

Next, you will find out how salt can help your sink looking new.

4. Get rid of rust from your sink

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You may not realize that the drainer on your sink is really susceptible to rusting due to prolonged water and oxygen contact. People usually would clean the drainer with rust removal products to fix this problem, but do you know these products contain toxic chemicals that could harm the environment and your loved ones? Some people may not realize many things around us can be used as safe and easy alternatives to remove this rust from the drainer effectively.

You can sprinkle some coarse salt and lemon juice on your rusty drainer, then wipe it off gently with a used cloth. We guarantee the rust will be completely gone! For an extra-strong solution, try to replace the salt with vinegar. You are not only rust-free, but now your sink will smell like citrus.

Next, why pouring salt down your drain can make your plumbers happy.

5. Salt Water Maintain Healthy Drainage System

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As you already know, saltwater can be used to dissolve all the greasy substances that make your drain clog. But did you know regular pouring of diluted saltwater mixed with baking soda and vinegar can help maintain a healthy drainage system?

Star combining 4 cups of salt with 8 cups of water in a kettle or a large pot and heat it until it reaches 200 degrees Fahrenheit or equal to 93 degrees Celcius. The reason why you should not boil it too hot is because hot water can loosen the joints on your PVC and cause your drain to leak if it is done daily.

Now you know the reason you should keep your salt in your kitchen!
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