7 iPhone Undercover Features You Never Realised!

1. Swipe away to delete number in Calculator

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The first feature that you might rarely know is to delete numbers on your calculator. You must have been confused when using the iPhone's calculator, where there is no backspace button to delete the numbers you typed incorrectly. Well, to delete the numbers, you only need to swipe the numbers you typed from the right to the left to erase the numbers one by one. If you swipe faster, 5 numbers will disappear quickly too.

If you are curious to try it, you can open your iPhone, open the calculator, type some numbers, and then follow the instructions earlier.

The numbers disappear, right?!
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Squid Game Clue Details That Might Reveal The Season 2 Storyline
Squid game, the Korean survival drama involving deadly children's games, has captivated the audiences' eyes in 90 countries and became one of Netflix's most-watched shows ever overnight. The reason, the audiences were so fascinated by the movie's dystopia deadly concept involving the children's games and they have been waiting for the next chapter to come!

[Spoiler Alert] If you have finished watching the Squid Game, you must notice how the first season ended. Let us recall your mind. Gi-hun, the main character, was processing the trauma of what the game has done to himself. In the process of healing, he decides to visit his daughter who lives in LA with her step-father. Eventually, he cancels his flight at the last minute when he discovers the game is still ongoing.

The cliffhanger ending by the writer created uncertainty amongst fans on whether or not the squid game will continue. Despite the uncertainties of Season 2, down here we have collected several clues to fuel up the speculation on how the Squid Game Season 2 storylines could be.