Best Pickpocket-Proof Fashion Tips For Travellers

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On a bright, beautiful day at Vecchio bridge in Florence, Italy, Jan was browsing some antique jewelry in several old jewelry stores near the bridge. While walking into the store's door, she was pinned down by two strangers from different directions. As she was trying to get out of the uncomfortable situation, she felt one of the man's hands slowly slip its way into her coat. That's where she knows pickpockets were targeting her.

Surprisingly, these are several clothing fashions that can save you and Jen from getting pickpocketed while solo traveling.


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The legging is one of the comfiest clothing out there that anyone can wear especially on a bright sunny day. Legging is the perfect fashion choice to travel with, thanks to its lightweight material. Plus, you can almost mix and match legging with other clothing apparel, starting from the chic look to lazy hobo Sunday. The legging is definitely most have an item collection in your wardrobe.

But who knows legging is also pickpocket's worst nightmare? This is all because the material is thin, and it's also designed without a pocket, making pickpockets feel frustrated since they have no chance to steal.

Anti-Pickpocket Baseball Cap

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At first glance, this cap looks like any other basketball cap people wear during bright sunny days. One of the things that makes this one particularly unique is because pickpockets wouldn't think a baseball cap could protect your valuables items. Usually, Anti pickpocket baseball cap has a secret zipped pocket under the brim that you can use to store your items. This type of cap also comes in black and grey color, which will not attract any attention to the public, making it the safest place to store your item.

But don't make it obvious while reaching out to your valuable items from the brim, as the pickpockets might snatch the cap from your head straight away.

Layering Clothes

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An anonymous solo traveler woman shared her unique solo traveling story on a traveling blog. When we were expecting a wholesome traveling story, it came out she shared a valuable life lesson for all the travelers out there.

She started this trick when she was traveling to South America. This layering trick is pretty simple. You just need to wear two layers of jackets on top of each other. Make sure the first one has zipper pockets to secure your stuff and the outer layer just to cover it up. While it might sound uncomfortable, this trick is proven to be one of the safest tricks while traveling. For the best practice, you can use this trick while traveling to some cold places to avoid getting all wet and sweaty during traveling.

Imagine how disappointed the pickpocket's face looks while their hands are trying to reach out into an empty pocket.
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Pocket Scarf

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Do you know there is such a thing as a pocket in the scarf or called a pocket scarf? What!

This brilliant innovation was first created to make everything stylish, simple, and convenient during traveling. This pocket scarf is a must-have fashion item you should wear or bring with you during traveling. The pocket scarf is made from soft, lightweight cotton fabric that comes up with various colors and patterns and can be worn in multiple styles. You could put a wallet, money, passport, phone, and anything small and light into your pocket scarf. Besides being easily accessible, a pocket scarf can keep your belongings safe while traveling.

Classic Vest

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The vest is the most classic fashion choice people wear during winter. It can provide a sense of comfort, warmth, and secure feeling while being worn. While the vest has been around since the 17th century, the vest has become another fashion inspiration for other products' ideas in today's modern fashion era.

These travel-friendly clothes can help your traveling experience to be much more safe and convenient. You may not realize, most vests come with hidden pockets storage in the inner part, which you can use to put all your valuable belongings in there. You just need to unzip your vest while walking through the security checkpoints to avoid having to unload everything. Going through security has never been this easy.

So, have you taken any notes on our traveling fashion tips?

Bra Wallet

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You might have never imagined these two words stand next to each other. While people are usually left confused about the words bra wallet, female travelers might be familiar with this one. A bra wallet is a small secret pocket that you can attach easily to your bra. This small wallet can help you store some extra cash, passport, credit card, or anything valuable and has the same size as the palm of your hand.

Other than that, male travelers can also use this small wallet by attaching it to your belt loop and tuck it inside near your underwear. This small wallet can absolutely give you a piece of mind knowing all your valuable small items are safe and protected during traveling.
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