Unbelievable! 8 Most Beautiful Airports in The World

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The airport is one of the busiest places in the world. Previously, the airport was only a place for travelers to wait for their plane to go to another country or another place. But now, airports are changing. There are many facilities that you can enjoy while you are at the airport. The facilities make the air travel slog feel a bit nicer. Lots of airports now have beautiful architecture, luxury shopping, and even special facilities such as parks, spas, zen gardens, and cinemas.

Here are eight beautiful airports around the world that are guaranteed to make your trip more memorable.

1. Changi International Airport

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According to Skytrax, Singapore's international airport is one of the beautiful airports in the world. This airport has many attraction spots. The beautiful airport has facilities such as hundreds of retail stores, a swimming pool, a hedge maze, a state of the art gym, two cinemas, and several art galleries. Surely you will forget that you are even in an airport at all.

Besides, this airport also has a cactus garden, canopy bridge, butterfly garden, and many more. From this, you can imagine how fantastic this airport. If you have visited this airport, you will know why it's consistently rated as one of the beautiful airports in the world.

2. Dubai International Airport

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The next beautiful airport in the world is Dubai International Airport. This airport is also one of the world's busiest airports with a total number of passengers around 83.6 million in a year. It will hard for you to notice any of the bustles and hustle while you are in the zen garden. Also, this airport also has amazing spas to loosen your tight muscles.

In addition, this airport also provides many facilities that will help you when you are at this airport, such as shower, sleep and fly pods, designer shops, and wifi. Those facilities are free. Some of the partial buildings in this airport are under construction, and once it is complete, this airport becomes the biggest airport in the world with five runways and four terminals.

3. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, India

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This Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport has a luxurious architecture that describes the essence of Indian culture. This airport has many docks that reach around the main central hall. Besides that, there is also welcoming artificial lighting, which describes the colorfulness of the Indian culture. The pillars inside the airport are reminiscent of the old Indian palaces and their surroundings, which are sublime and majestic

Therefore, once you visit this great airport, don't forget to take any pictures. It because there are a lot of beautiful spots in this airport. So, you will fulfill your Instagram with a memorable picture of yours.

4. Incheon International Airport, South Korea

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Incheon International Airport is one of the beautiful airports in the world. This airport has two terminals and facilities such as a transportation center, public area, and duty-free area. Terminal 1 has five floors, while Terminal 2 has six floors. This airport also has amazing facilities such as a warm shower, a comfortable bed for exhausted passengers, a nursery, and an airport medical center Inha University & airport pharmacy.

According to Airports Council International, this airport also becomes one of the biggest airports since 2005 and has been recognized as one of the greatest airports in the world.

5. Abu Dhabi International Airport 1.7

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Abu Dhabi is a luxurious international airport. Even, there is a special gate called gate A. Gate A at this airport is reserved exclusively for business people and billionaires. Not only that, this airport has luxurious private lounge facilities, and this private lounge is only for passengers with five-star airlines.

For passengers who want to have an exclusive experience like this, you have to pay around $250 per four hours. Those private lounge facilities are divided into 16 rooms. Every lounge provides facilities such as fitness, barbershop, Six Senses Spa, nail salon, bar, restaurant, TV room, and children's play area.

6. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

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Schiphol International Airport is the main airport in the Netherlands, located south of Amsterdam at Gemeente Haarlemmermeer. Once you have landed at Schiphol airport, Amsterdam, you can relax your body and mind by reading the various books provided by the airport. Schiphol Airport also homes to a large library that has thousands of books, catalogs, and magazines. The library also has facilities such as a comfortable reading room for you. So, you can enjoy your mind and body.

Therefore, if you go to this beautiful airport, make sure you take any pictures with your family or loved one for your memorials.

7. Zurich Airport, Switzerland

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This airport has three terminals for easy access to travelers. Here, there are plenty of facilities for travelers to experience, such as their shopping, business, and recreational activities. Even you can see the city's beautiful view at Zurich airport and enjoy the amazing view from the open terrace. They also have great parking facilities with better positioning and tracking to ease you when you want to park your car.

Also, Zurich airport has a fitness and wellness center, where you can work out while waiting for your departure or relaxing your body and mind at an amazing wellness center.

8. Beijing Daxing International Airport

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Beijing Daxing International Airport was designed to accommodate the city’s need for expanding its transport network and, in turn, to ignite economic development in Tianjin and Hebei provinces. This airport is designed in a radial fashion, which ends up minimizing the distance that the passengers have to take from the piers to the central hall itself, and in turn, saving time and effort.

Also, bring your camera if you go to this beautiful airport. Because in this airport there are lots of beautiful spots for you to take pictures. So, you can remember the sweetest moment when you are in this beautiful airport.
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