Pour Salt To Your Drain Every Night, Here's Why!

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How many of you have experienced facing black standing water in a sink or faucet? Well, we really hope you haven't. Even by imagining it, we bet it has already made you gag even for a little bit.

For some people sometimes a clogged drain problem can cause minor headaches and hassle but do you know a clogged drain can also generate and summon some nasty red crawling bugs aka cockroaches to crawl up just simply to say hi to you at night? Well, sounds like a nightmare, doesn't it?

What if we told you this clogged problem can simply be solved using cooking essentials available in your kitchen? Yup- apparently, salt can quickly help you prevent this problem from happening in the future. So, how does salt can help you avoid this problem? Simple salt can help you break down all greases and emulsified fats that clog your pipes, allowing you to flush them out easier with vinegar and hot water.

Would you like to know how does this small science secret works? Here we have curated 5 reasons why pouring salt down your drain at night is the best way to avoid clogged drains prevent this animal from climbing up from your drain.
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Yoga with Animals That Will Leave You Say Aww
In case if you haven't been updated on the yoga world lately, there is a new yoga trend called [insert any animal names here] yoga. Cat yoga, goat yoga, dog yoga..Any animal you can think of, those animals can be incorporated into this yoga.

Based on Mayo Clinic, yoga itself can help improve your flexibility, muscle tone and also nurturing your mindfulness. But how about yoga with animals? Not only does yoga with animals look cute, but this yoga can also help cure depression and increase your personal mood.

Down below, we have curated several animals that are usually incorporated in yoga that will make you aw and want to join in.