Pour Salt To Your Drain Every Night, Here's Why!

1. Salt Can Kill Cockroaches

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Photo: Unsplash/Erik Karits
Whenever we talk about salt, most of us might think about the salt that we usually find at the supermarket and kitchen. Would it surprise you to learn this kitchen salt can ward off cockroaches from your home? Surprisingly this one is not a myth, the same goes for Epson salt in your bath boom. This type of salt can also work effectively in killing these nasty crawling bugs.

What makes these salts effective against roaches?

The kitchen salt we use almost every day has properties that can suck up moisture from insect bodies. Though it won't kill them immediately, it can help ward off these insects from your home. But, if you are looking for a more powerful way to naturally kill these roaches, then Epson salt is the right option for you. The magnesium sulfate in this salt can mess up their digestive system, which causes them to slowly die. Not only pouring this salt down your drain will prevent it from being clogged up, but it may also keep the roaches away from crawling up.

Next, we will explain to you why it's best to pour salt down your drain before bedtime
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