Luckiest Man on Earth Has Cheated Death 7 Times

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When you stumble on the street but don't fall down, do you consider it a piece of luck? Or is it bad luck?

This man's life story will most likely make you reconsider your bad luck. Frane Selak is said to be the Luckiest Man in the World because he has succeeded in rigging the death that should have taken his life a long time ago.

Are you curious about the extraordinary life story of Frane Selak and how he managed to escape his death?
Then keep reading!

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This Is How Dragon Fruit Could Benefit Your Health
Although dragon fruit may not be the regular fruit you put in your grocery list, by the end of this article we guarantee you will start including dragon fruit into your daily diet.

According to several studies including the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), dragon fruit has several nutritional values that are really beneficial for your health.

This is what will happen to your body after you start incorporating dragon fruit into your diet for a week. Watch, how the potential health benefit of dragon fruit does to your body.