World’s 10 Most Beautiful Women in the World (Updated 2022)

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For years, women have done everything it takes to be seen as attractive by the rest of society, starting with adopting particular beauty trends such as; thin eyebrows in the late 1900s, having full lips like the one Kylie Jenner has, and even doing excessive exercise to have a skinny body like Kate Moss. But, aren't we all wondering what is it that makes a woman seem beautiful and attractive?

While keeping in mind that beauty is celebrated in all forms of imperfection, down here we have the top 10 female celebrities that considered pretty by society not just because of their physical attractiveness, but also their intelligence, attitude, energy, and how they carry themselves in a certain situation that make them look more appealing.

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These Breakfast Foods are Dangerous for Diabetics!
A new study from Tel Aviv Medical Centre suggests that breakfast is the most important meal that diabetic people SHOULDN'T skip. Based on the research, skipping breakfast for diabetics might result in a blood-sugar spike which can also damage your beta-cell function.

While diabetic people are advised to never skip breakfast, there are certain breakfast types that they should avoid at all costs.

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