8 Tips to Pack Your Suit Case Like A Pro Traveler

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When it comes to traveling, travelers always have this one fear, that fear is: will I have enough stuff for my trip? Surprisingly, you are not the only traveler who thinks of that.
A recent survey from One Poll to 2000 Americans found that 65% of people find packing is not an easy game. So, to make your journey fun and exciting, we have curated 8 top tips to help your packing game fun! Check out all the tips below!

1. Know Exactly Things You Will Be Doing

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Instead of packing clothes based on the length of your trip, you should think about what activities you would be doing to make your wardrobe meet your needs. For instance, if you are going to visit some tropical place with beaches, you will need a handful of dresses, short pants, a thin shirt, a bikini, and some casual outfits made from thin fabrics.
Write down what outfits you will need for each day during the trip. Although you may need culottes or jeans for your daily outfits, just bring 1 or 2 pairs and start mix and match it with other clothing. If you are able to do laundry during vacation, that's even better! Doing laundry during your vacation might sound like a tedious chore, but it can give you some advantages like packing fewer clothes and re-wear your traveling outfits.

2. Find The Best Way to Fold Your Clothes

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It's always a long, endless debate amongst travelers whether you should fold or roll your clothes. You might have heard some expert travelers swear the rolling method will fit more items into your suitcase, right? Technically, they are not wrong.
Rolling is an excellent packing method for your think clothes fabrics such as think summer dresses, pants, t-shirt, bikinis, and pajamas. But this method won't work great for them when it comes to sweaters and button-up shirts. It's because rolling your sweater only will bulk them, which will take extra place in your suitcase. Other than that, rolling your button-shirt will likely cause creases in them. The best thing to do is fold these clothes and stack them vertically in the suitcase. By folding your clothes vertically, you won't have to dig through a pile to find the one you are looking for. So, in conclusion, both methods work perfectly fine depending on the clothing materials.

3. Be Selective About Footwear

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Packing the right pair of shoes never comes easy when you are going to travel. You will always justify yourself to bring extra sneakers and sandals just in case you are going to walk along the beach or a night walk. The thing is, the majority of shoes will bulk your suitcase, but what if you want to bring your cool sneakers during vacation? Simple- just wear them during check-in. The key to bringing 'the right' shoes for a holiday is to find shoes that are versatile and comfortable, especially if your trip will need a long walk. Trust me; comfortable shoes will help you a lot to avoid getting blisters which will screw up your holiday's mood.

4. Prepare Pouch For Everything

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Dedicating a few pouches to separate products can help you to avert disasters such as spilled makeup and tangled jewelry for your trip. In this case, all you need to prepare is some waterproof zippered pouches to eliminate all the clutter in your tote bag or luggage. Besides that, having a pouch to separate your product can help you gain easy access to reach them while in a hurry. Beside the pouch, you can also re-use some plastic sample containers from your old skincare products to save some cash for toiletries necessities. Most sample products are no larger than 100ml, which will fit into travel-size bottle restrictions.

5. Pack Your Carry-On Wisely

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Most airlines will allow their passengers to bring a carry-on, so utilize your carry-on wisely. Some personal items you can keep in your carry-on are a spare change of underwear and clothes, a phone charger, and your favorite snack. You can start by checking the airline's carry-on requirements, including size and weight restrictions on their website. It's common for domestic and international airlines to have different carry-on size restrictions, so make sure yours fit the criteria perfectly. Remember, while packing your carry-on bag, you have to focus on the in-flight experience. Packing fewer items in your carry-on can create a seamless in-flight experience which will make your holiday more enjoyable.

6. Pick Your Clothes Color Scheme

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When we are traveling, we have a limited choice of clothes to wear, but it doesn't mean we have to stick to neutrals so everything can be mixed and matched. Learning pair colors can be a great solution and help you create well-coordinated outfits daily during a holiday. Besides that, it's important to learn mix and match your clothing so it can be used over and over again to create new looks. Through these tips, you can also create tons of fashionable wearable outfits you can wear every day to express your unique styles! Check out these color combinations wardrobe to help you to look stylish and fashionable while on vacation.

Classic Earthy Tone

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If you have never heard about this one, the eathy tone is basically a color scheme that consists of natural things around us; green leaf, cloudy sky, red sun, and brown soil. By the short description above, you already know classic earth tone fashion will stick on cream beige, sage green, burnt orange, and other natural colors.
This color scheme is infamously known as a drab outfit that only wearable during winter and autumn. With these cheat sheets above, we can prove to you these colors can be playful and work with any season during the year. As you can see, earth tones fashion don't have to be boring. Using this cheat sheet can help you create endless outfits for your vacation.

Neutral Color

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Neutrals color wardrobe can be the right choice for you if you don't want to stand out as a tourist. Neutrals colors do not need to be black and white. Generally, a neutral palette has a wide color ranges from white, black, brown, beige, various shade of brown, and other colors. To make it understandable, we have listed neutral colors on this cheat sheet below. As you can see, a neutral color scheme can be a great fashion choice for you, especially if you are in doubt. These colors are stylish and versatile when color-coordinated together and definitely will be an excellent choice for you if your holiday destination is centered around the city.

Pastel For The Summer

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As refreshing as the warm breeze in the summer, pastels colors are the hottest hues of the summer. Just imagine how these alluring soft shades will make your tan skin look bright and glowy. One great thing about pastel fashion choice is, the colors are so easy to style, and they will not dominate your look.Beside that, mixing pastel colours properly can help you to look elegant and sophisticated. Stacking your suitcase with pastel theme clothes would be an excellent choice for your summer holiday at the beaches. You can start by teaming colours like soft beige, blue, soft pink, light blue, mint, and other colours. These colours really can complement each other doesn't matter how you mix them.

7. Use Pillow Case Instead of Plastic Laundry Bag

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When you travel for longer than a quick weekend, you need something to encase your dirty laundry. For a quick solution, you might think of using a plastic laundry bag to stack your dirty clothes separated while traveling. The problem is sometimes a plastic laundry bag has these overwhelming smells that can affect all your belongings, especially the clothes in your suitcase. To handle this problem, you can start using a pillowcase as your laundry bag! As you know, pillowcases come to vary in sizes and shapes, so choose one that perfectly fits your need.
For the extra step, you can put a tiny drop of perfume on your pillowcase not only the mother earth will thank you later, but this method also will leave your luggage smells nice.

Airline's Personal Item Allowance

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You can be a little sneaky with this personal bag by stashing items that don't fit inside your carry-on but remember, don't get too overwhelmed while doing it because your personal bag must fit under the seat in front of you for easy access. You will have to be extremely picky about what goes inside your personal bag. For this reason, people usually stack up electronics, passports, headphones, and toiletries inside. Oh, have we mentioned the word 'sneaky'? by sneaky- instead of using a small pouch for your personal item, you can use a medium tote bag to fit all those necessities. Plus, you can put your small pouch into that tote bag to use it later during the holiday.
Now you have learned these eight pro tips to elevate your packing game. Fo the extra tips, don't forget to leave some additional spaces in your suitcase just in case you might be buying some extra souvenirs for your beloved one.
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