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Goat Yoga Went Wrong

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Photo: Accordintudes/Tiktok
If this is the first time you have read about goat yoga, don't worry most people would say the same Surprisingly, goat yoga has been famous since 2016. The idea of this goat yoga is pretty simple: you are doing the yoga while the goats interact with you. The interaction can include goats climbing on top of your back while you are doing various yoga poses. Sounds fun right? Because it is. it feels like exactly bringing your kid to the yoga class but minus the whimpering part.

Turned out a girl named Desiree found goat yoga as a great idea to lighten up her weekend. She saw the ads online and booked them with her friend. However, instead of a light massage from the baby goats, they were surprised to find out the goats were all grown up and heavy.

Imagine, spending money just to get stomped by a large size goat.
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Photo: Canva  
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